Sunday 5 November 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 18

 As I could of predicted, I haven't made that much progress on any project since going back to school.  

That said I have done a bit on my Marilyn turtleneck.   I have now split for the sleeves (apologies for the picture, but it is early and the light isn't brilliant!).

I am knitting this with West Yorkshire Spinners yarn. 

My other main project (the Golden Grass scarf) hasn't seen any progress at all.  That is a project from Pompom magazine.   I read this week that Pompom is stopping trading which is very sad - I have subscribed for years, but the costs of production have become too much and they are ceasing trading.

On a similarish note, the founder of one of my favourite sewing companies,  Sew Over It has stepped down.  The company is still going, but Lisa has started a new venture into cut flowers 💐.   Jazzy Rose Flowers is her new company and I decided to try a box of her Chysanthemums.  These are the last she is doing this year so thought I would take advantage and they are gorgeous.   They were picked packaged and sent in a day and I am very impressed.  I wish I lived a little nearer so that I could pop into her potting shed which she has as an honesty shop for her flowers!

Anyway, that is about that - I have been baking cakes  apple pie and a quiche yesterday, so today is just ironing and knitting!

Hope you all have a lovely week.



  1. Your flowers are a nice splash of color. I know it was a busy week but glad you got in some baking and crafting.

  2. Beautiful flowers! I hope you have amazing week to come

  3. Your sweater is going to be lovely. I love turtlenecks in winter as they keep my neck warm. That color will go with anything. Your flowers are lovely. I too heard about a bunch of magazines going under. I wonder why they couldn't have raised their prices first to see if that would help. So sad.
    You still amaze me with all you get done!

  4. Your sweater looks nice and cozy. Those flowers are wonderful. So pretty and very fresh looking.

  5. The jumper pattern so far looks very similar to Turtle Dove (of which I’ve knit 3) so I’m looking forward to seeing how this looks on as I could knit that instead of a 4th turtle dove. Is it knit in WYS Re:Treat yarn? Someone gave me some apples yesterday so I may copy you and make a pie or maybe a crumble. Liz