Friday 22 December 2023

The Garden Project - part

 It's time....

To resurrect the garden project.


I started the garden project in 2018 - my main goal was to renovate the area near the back door - most of which was accomplished.  Now 6 years later, this area is in need of a bit of love again.  Last year I spent very little time in the garden - we'd had two big trees come down which we had dealt with, but it left us with one big tree that was hard to get to and growing at a horrible angle over next door and so was a constant source of anxiety.  

But in this last month, a lovely man called Mark has been over and sorted it out - he cleared a patch of bramble and removed two problem trees for us.



My mind is whirring!  I have been following Jazzy Rose Flowers (the lady behind Sew Over It) and, although I have no intention of making it my living. I have been really inspired by what she has done with her land.
Things that I did do this last year that were successful, even though I thoroughly neglected it, were our raspberry patch and the potatoes.   So with that in mind I want to continue with a few vegetables and the raspberries.  But I would like to revamp this back patch - create a seating area with the tree stumps - add a second compost heap and second water butt - but mainly to dig over the main patch and divide into a patch for vegetables and patch for cut flowers.
So these are my immediate tasks - I shall report back when I start to do these things!

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