Sunday 1 December 2013

Year of Projects Update - 1st December

Another week has flown by!  Last week the boys and I went to Tulleys Farm to meet Father Christmas.  It was quite magical, we went for a ride on his horse and cart and they had a winter wonderland where we wrote letters, picked up our reindeer food and listened to Christmas carols.  All in all a fabulous day!
Today is the day we put up our Christmas decorations, so will pop on the Christmas music in a bit and get decorating!!

Have done lots of bits in the knitting department and finally finished the cloths and packaged them for presents.
I'm also in the middle of the cowl for Daniel's childminder.

Tomorrow I have a day off.  I'm planning a day in London.  I have planned my route to take in some yarn stores and end up at Hamleys (a big toy store).  I intend to mostly shop for me apart from a couple of toys.

I will report back next week with pictures of my wares!!
Have a good week.


  1. Looking forward to the report (and pics?)!

  2. I like the sound of your planned excursion. The toy commercials in the US are in full force. Is it like that in the UK?
    The dishcloths look bright and festive and cute stacked up that way. I'll have to think about that for next year as small gifts.

  3. Yay to packaging gifts already! I myself and pretty far behind in the giftmaking category this year. Have fun in London!

  4. It does sound magical, what a fun day! Those discloths looks so pretty! Enjoy your London day!

  5. Shopping day sounds great :) And good on you for finishing presents already!

  6. Your day at the farm sounds nice, we won't think about putting up decorations for a couple of more weeks, I'm not one who likes things up long. 2 wks is enough for me.