Sunday 24 November 2013

Year of Projects Update

Another week has gone by - I have been reasonably productive this week!!

I finished another cloth for Christmas and started a third.

And started and finished a pair of mittens for Thomas - now I just need to do another slightly smaller pair for Daniel!!

Other than that, this will be short and sweet this week as we are about to wrap ourselves up to go to or local farm for the arrival of Father Christmas!  The boys are very excited and making lists as we speak!!

Hope you all have a good week - next week will be busy with decorating the house!!


  1. So Christmassy indeed! Those cloths are just perfect! I love Rudolf's red nose :)

  2. I love the Santa and the Rudolph dish clothes. Especially with the red nose

  3. cute..and if your boys are like mine...need lots of mittens...!

  4. Love the mittens! Wish it was cold enough here for mittens. We only use them one or two days a year!