Sunday 2 March 2014

A Year of Projects Update

Thought I would start with the list today, but as you may be able to see, I have made little progress just added projects!

So, my current list for 2013/2014 is as follows:

Firstly, gifts for Christmas

  • For Daniel and Lily - a bag for Lily and will knit Daniel an elephant later in the year
  • For the sisters in law - wristwarmers - finished 14/08/13 
  • For my mum and brother - pot covers and mug hug - another change of plan - scarf for mm and gardening things for my brother
  • For Thomas and Luke - crocodile scarf  - finished 20/12/13
  • For my mum and mil - dishcloths and bag - finished 01/12/13

  • Then, there's all the projects just for me

  • Finish tote bag  - hurrah - finished 04/07
  • Hat for me - finished 09/08/13
  • Socks for me - definitely using my A Stash Addict yarn
  • Placemats - in time for Christmas I hope! - next Christmas!!
  • Scarf for the husband - for dad finished 
  • Shawl for me - Dragonfly wings by Boo knits - will be my next project - finished 14/07
  • Winter hats for the boys

  • Additions!

  • Little Gradient for Thomas - Finished
  • Hexipuffs - more made
  • Bonnet for SCBU - finished 14/08/13
  • Vanilla socks as first sock project - yarn bought from Mellifera yarns
  • MKAL  with One skein - scarflette - finished 26/07/13
  • MKAL with Boo Knits - Morticia - start 01/10/13 - finished 01/11/13
  • MKAL with Amy Miller group - start 01/09/13 - completed 2 cowls - 2 more to go
  • September MKAL with One Skein - nearly finished - changed into scarf and finished

  • Poncho - Lemonade from lemons -Linda Blakeley - finished 11/01/14
  • Learn to crochet - for Ravellenics
  • Willow boot socks - possible Xmas gift for SIL - finished 25/12/13
  • Sewing - make myself a project bag - finished 30/01/14
  • Sewing - make bunting for the boys rooms
  • Knitting - design various purse patterns
  • Knit purses and glasses cases for craft stall
  • Top for work - started January 2014
  • poncho for Lily - yarn bought 
  • See You There - top for me - yarn bought
  • I have made some progress on my top for work and hopefully will finish this week.  I have also added my purses to the list, and on that note have made a batch of wedding purses, to which I am going to affix crochet flowers.

    In other news, I made and delivered the cake on Saturday.  Much as I love baking and creating, it reminded me why I couldn't do it as a job - it is way too stressful!!  For this one, I am used to quite polished cakes, so I had to keep checking it was what the bride wanted!

    I was reading a blog post by Sandra (Saminar) yesterday and have decided to take her lead and use pinterest to inspire myself and spur myself on to achieve a few goals.  To that end, I'm going to pick 2 pins a week to do something about.  Last weeks pin was:
    And the pins for this week will be:

                 bunting for the boys rooms
    Both sewing based but I will try to finish my top for work and complete a few more purses as well.

    Wish me luck and have a lovely week


    1. Best of luck finishing your work top, that cake looks delicious and great interpretation from last weeks pins, looking forward to seeing what you do with this weeks pins.

    2. The cake looks great! Good luck with the pins...I've just never gotten into Pinterest..

    3. Mmmm that cake looks gorgeous and delicious! All that icing. My sister firmly believes less cake + more icing = best.

      You've made progress on Christmas projects, so you're ahead of me!

    4. Hah I'm the same as you, always adding to my list ;-) I agree, Pinterest can work very inspiring, and I love your idea of picking two pins each week otherwise it could be too overwhelming.. When I saw hexipuffs in you addition I became so greedy for pictures! I love them but never made them.. So can't wait to see them!

    5. I think you're getting so much accomplished regardless if you added a bunch of stuff....isn't that the fun of go on "wild tangents" and ignore our original YOP list. I think the original is just a jumping off place. LOL!
      The cake is gorgeous and that was a first for you? You are gifted in cake not so much...I can't even frost properly much less do anything fancy like those roses....beautiful job!
      I was so surprised when you said you were going to do the the Pinterest Project too. I picked 5 last week and that was a bit much but I did complete them and will be posting about it today (Tuesday)...I'm a little slow this at least a day behind...I don't feel bad though because our mail and our garbage pickup are too and they're getting paid.
      I love your new go girl!

    6. My gosh, you are a driven crafter. You are tickin' things off your list all over the place! Man, I feel lazy. The cake is pretty! What a lovely wedding cake.