Monday 5 May 2014

Year of Projects/May Day

Thought I would do a joint year of projects and May day bank holiday update.  We went to the third meeting of the British Touring cars this weekend and combined it with a flying visit to my parents in the west country!!
Sunday's racing was great as you can see here!!

Then we had Monday at home - the only exciting thing we did was visit Tulleys Farm to see the craft fair, as I am running my first stall there at the end of June.

The rest of the day was spent crafting:
I was going to cut the material for Thomas's pj's, but learnt a big lesson about the amount of fabric needed for garments!!  So, I cut the material for Daniel's pj's here

Cut the material for my tunic top here

Was going to do a practice run of a tote bag - am going to use this one as a project bag, but want to make a larger one (in weatherproof material) to carry mine and the boys stuff around in over the summer.  However, I ran out of time!!  Did get as far as cutting the pieces and pinning - will have a sew-in next Sunday!!

Did some more of my featherweight wrap

Over the weekend I have been also adding to my stash (yes - I do need to!) and have added these.  I have been looking for some great dotty material for a while and the stripey called to me!!  I got them from a lovely little store where my mum and dad live - they also had the lovely buttons you can see!  I'm also adding to my yarn to make sweater quantities of some yarns as I am now into sweaters (I think they will be a big feature of my next list).

Back to work again tomorrow - hope you all have a good week :-)


  1. Lots of exciting sewing going on in your world lately, I'm loving all the material, the new stash is pretty fab also. I'm still in love with that featherweight and I may have to add it to next years yop list, I'm still watching yours.

  2. That featherweight cardigan will be so pretty :) And I'm really impressed with your sewing, I'm quite afraid of sewing myself. It seems so unforgiving compared to knitting/crochet!