Wednesday 20 August 2014

How to ..... Make a simple knitted hair bow!

Again, this really is very simple!!
You will need:
A little yarn in the colour of your choice
Knitting needles size 6 (4mm) if using dk yarn
Darning needle
Plain hair clip/clips

1) CO 6 stitches
2) K6 - repeat for approx 26 rows
3) Sew in the 2/4 ends

4) Pinch the middle of the bow
 5) Wrap the same colour yarn around the middle until it looks 'right'.  (You could knit a little section to sew on around the middle if you choose - I would CO 4 stitches and do 10 rows)

6) Sew a little stitch to hold the wrap in place then sew the bow onto the hair clip by threading the yarn over and under the prongs.

7)  Repeat for the second if making and hey presto bow hair clips!

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