Sunday 3 August 2014

Year of Projects - week 5

Another week goes by and we have just come back from a mini holiday.
Firstly, progress...
I have made a bit of progress on my test knit and here it is

Photo is a little blurry and wonky but I was just testing for fit - which is great.  I managed to do a fair bit this week and hopefully will keep that up this week now that school is out!
This week I hope to do a few things for the stall.
That is all I have been up to on the knitting front, I will leave you with a few shots from our week away.

One of the dragons in Taunton.

On the gruffulo trail in Devon.
Buttons I picked up at the flower show - I couldn't resist.


  1. Love the cables on your test knit, pretty colour too, I'm in love with purple at the moment. I couldn't have resisted those pretty buttons either.

    Your little ones look like they had lot's of fun on the Gruffulo Trail.

  2. The fit is perfect! Don't you get a kick out of that?

  3. I love that test knit, can't wait to see if finished, it's going onto my favourite pile straight away. Great pics and hope you get lots done this week with the hols, I know I do. Really love those buttons, I've a friend who makes those and I just love them to pieces.

  4. Love that test knit!
    A mini vaycay with kiddies is always fun!

  5. Those buttons are awesome! No wonder you couldn't resist. Do you have things planned for them? Looks like the boys had fun. Did they sing a song?

  6. The sweater is fantastic and buttons really are great too. I can see why you couldn't resist them. But the children............They are by far your best project.

  7. That gansey is like blackberry wine. It's firing you so well so far. Your boys are fun. What cool items they posed with. Those are sweet buttons you scored.

  8. It's looking great and I love the color!

  9. Really love the color of your sweater and you are marching along on it quite nicely. Your boys are adorable and the buttons would have irresistable for me too! Have a super week....

  10. Fabulous buttons... I only buy buttons when I'm on holiday. x

  11. Great fit on the jumper, and the gruffolo trail looks like good fun! :)