Sunday 9 November 2014

A Year of Projects Update - week 19

I have some projects finished last week that I have now photographed - a lovely hat - it's odd stripes by Joji Locatelli - love it.  I used up some Mellifera yarn and some Malabrigo worsted to make it, so a stash buster too.

Also made the first of three baby hats for three pregnant ladies!

I also finished the muslin for the wrap dress - I am very pleased with it and so will soon move on to making the real thing.

I finished the first tea cosy that I have been asked to make - not sure of the size so will check with the lady this week!

Oh and I nearly forgot these!!

Both boys are doing superhero related activities on the 14th, so I made them both a cape!!

I have made no progress on any of my long term projects, but thought that would be the case!


  1. My fav are the capes...Cuz every kid needs a superhero cape! Great hats!

  2. Now that's a clever pattern to get around the jogs in stripes! And the tea cozy is very cute too! Of course the capes are awesome! Everyone should have a superhero cape!

  3. I just love the capes, I think those are my favourite of your finishes for the week and that hat is pretty cool looking. Well done on getting the muslin done of your dress and I look forward to seeing the real thing come together now.

  4. Terrific productivity this week. The tea cozy is cute. That odd stripes beanie is cool. Only the best mums make superhero calls for their boys.

  5. Love the capes... my boys have asked me to make batman styled eye masks for the 14th as they are doing the super hero thing too. I love the dress, looking forward to seeing the real thing. Oh and the odd stripe is gorgeous x

  6. If those two aren't cute even when you can't see their faces. You inspire me to keep trying all the time with your many finishes. You must be the fastest knitter in the kingdom! LOL! I'm still working on my SIL's hat. It's funny though, once you understand something it doesn't seem near as confusing! Ha! Ha!
    The dress is looking that muslin? Your striped hat is adorable and the baby hat is so sweet and it looks very soft; perfect for a baby.
    I REALLY love the pattern for the tea cozy as I love all things "star" related. Is that a pattern on Ravelry? I'll go check your projects as I love it! Have a great week and give those 2 "Cape Crusaders" a big hug and thank them for all their hard work!

  7. Wow, you've been busy! Love the hats, and capes, and that dress is looking fantastic!