Sunday 22 March 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 38

Just a very short update this morning as I am off to London with my sister in law today.  I have been looking forward to this for ages, a day of coffee and cake and lunch - maybe a cheeky glass of wine!!?

Anyway, I digress, what about knitting?  In all honesty, I have made little progress this week.  I have worked fairly exclusively on the Phyllis socks.  They are gorgeous and a lovely pattern that is well written, but they are taking me forever.  I have now got to the heel turn and the pattern is only on the top, so hopefully, I will speed towards the toe.
Otherwise, I have done very little - a row or two on Abate.
I have CO a bathmat in some Boodles, fabric yarn - as you do!  I've been meaning to for ages but this week I needed to make more room for some sock yarn purchases!!
Right, best get ready to go - will post photos and hopefully, lots of progress next week.


  1. Boodles, a fabric yarn? Now I must go google that! Have a great day in the big city. Maybe a picture of Phyllis next week?

  2. Quite curious about that fabric yarn - looking forward to seeing how it will look!

    Have fun in London. :)