Sunday 12 April 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 41

And yet another week flies by.  But in this week, I have finished several projects.
I finished the socks - hurrah!  And here they are...

I also knit a couple of purses for boys for the stall - I have a fair in a couple of weeks, so want them for that.

Daniel wanted Elefant, so I knit him.  I knitted him in various worsted and chunky yarns - so he turned out much larger than he should, but Daniel loves him, even with no eyes and has christened him Bob!

And this is the start of another knit for the stall in a gorgeous sparkly yarn.  I have just finished this, this morning, but have yet to take a picture.

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  1. Lovely FOs. The socks are gorgeous, and the purses are so cute. The elephant is precious.:)

    Really curious about the project in the sparkly yarn!

  2. I love those socks, absolutely gorgeous

  3. Fab socks! Although I don't envy you all those twisted stitches!! Lovely spring colour too!

  4. Oh, beautiful socks! The coin purses are so cute for the boys and the little elephant. Your snazzy yarn does indeed look snazzy! I can't wait to see what you made with it.

  5. I always like seeing your coin purse creations. I recently was in need for one because it's a pain to have to dig for change. I was carrying it in a snack-sized Ziploc bag. Now I have this cute, country fabric one.