Sunday 26 April 2015

Year of Projects Update - Week 43

I cannot believe there are only 10 weeks before I will be planning my next year of projects - this year is flying past.

I did a craft fair yesterday and here is a snapshot of a commission I got from that 

I had larger versions but the customer wanted a smaller one so here it is!!

In terms of my list, I have made a little progress on my socks

I am going to do an afterthought heel as I thought I could use up some of my other sock yarn.

Now I have got the craft fair done I can get back to my selfish projects, so by next week and especially over the bank holiday weekend I hope to fit in lots of knitting.
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  1. Cute Fox!
    And those socks will be amazing! I am excited for you to finish them!

  2. Loving the colourful stripey socks and very cute fox x

  3. I love that fox.. its adorable!!

  4. I love that fox.. its adorable!!

  5. Cute, baby fox. Great sock yarn.

  6. look at that sweet little fox (don't tell the hens I said that!!). xx

  7. I have never done an afterthought heel but think a contrast heel on that sock will be great! I love the little fox! Is that a personal pattern?
    Have a great holiday....

  8. I love my selfish knitting - most of my knitting nowadays is for myself. I used to knit quite a bit for the boys but they've become quite picky so the only family projects I do now are pretty much the blankets...