Sunday 3 January 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 27

Oh what a lovely two weeks - really not looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow :-(.
Anyway, I have made lots of progress on the two projects that I took away with me, but I had wanted them finished for the 1st!  That was not to be, but they are both nearly finished.
The Christmas socks - Solstice by Rhian Drinkwater.
 I wanted a plain pattern but with some detail to keep me interested and this is perfect. The yarn is from the Knitting Goddess - Elf.  I arrived home to find my first installment of the Knitting Goddess sock club had been delivered, so I am itching to start that, but will finish these first.
The waving lace top by Joji is coming along - I think I need another repeat of the lace pattern then I will be onto the front, which shouldn't take as long.
After this I want to finally cast on my Hitofude that I have the yarn wound for.
I have also found a little KAL for some spiderman inspired mitts that I want to do for the boys - I figure that with their little hands they shouldn't take too long!
So that is me for a moment  hope you have all had a great start to 2016.  For more posts click here.


  1. Happy new year Lucy! Lots of yarny goodness going on. Love the socks. I'm not looking forward to getting back to it either.

  2. Not looking forward to work tomorrow either but blessed to have a job! Love the colors on those socks!

  3. I like the yarn on those socks! Ans your lace top is coming along nicely xxx

  4. Cute sock yarn! I'm looking forward to hearing about the Yarn Club and the KAL.

  5. It has been a great two weeks, hasn't it? I am not excited about heading back into real life.

  6. Great sock yarn...lots of people seem to be making the hitofude....

  7. The colors in the sock yarn are so pretty! And I love the colors in the yarn you're making that lace top with, too. You make so many pretty things. I love popping in here each week.