Wednesday 13 January 2016

Yarn Along - A new Year

I know we are 2 weeks into the new year but this is my first yarn along of the year.
I have finally finished a few WIP's and so this last week has been one of new beginnings.
I started my 'they call me spidey' mitts and have been making good progress.
Daniel announced he wanted some socks, so I decided to use up my 'elf'' yarn before I progress to the first sock of my sock club. I am just making him some plain socks that was a free pattern on Ravelry.
I have also finally cast on Hitofude, for which the yarn has been all ready and wound for some time - anyway we are off!
Otherwise, we made some gingerbread at the weekend (its been a while).  So with instruction from Daniel (and a little help from Mary Berry!) we set to.
Its totally delicious and Daniel is right, it is perfect for breakfast.
I also used my new soap making kit at the weekend and have been very pleased with the results.  This is orange flavoured!  I have used it already and it is lovely.  It was very easy to do as I used a melt and pour base.  Then I added the fragrance oil and colour.  Next time I shall work up to the proper kit which involves gloves and everything!
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  1. I just love all the colors in your projects. The Hitofude is going to look gorgeous with that blue and yellow.

  2. Wow! Those Spidey mitts look challenging. They are going to be very cool, though.

  3. I can't wait to watch your Hitofude grow!
    It looks like such a gorgeous project :)

  4. ooh those mittens looks fun, and the gingerbread looks delicious!

  5. What fun projects! And we just made gingerbread too, so yummy!

  6. love your projects for the new year!!

  7. The most are just too adorable! They are definitely going to be a big hit!
    I have always wanted to try making my own soap! Your sounds wonderful: orange!

  8. I like the look of those mittens, looking forward to seeing more of them :)

  9. Love the look of the spidey mitts - look forward to seeing them finished. The elf yarn is gorgeous.

  10. Hitofude has been on my queue for ages, looking forward to watching yours grow!

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