Tuesday 5 April 2016

Yarn Along - A HO

I have a HO!!  (A half finished object)
I have one mitered triangle sock.
I was very excited to start this sock as I intended to do it as a memory blanket style - use up my leftover sock yarn, and that is what I have done.
However, I did get a little lost in putting the sock together.
The pattern is fine (and indeed, very enjoyable) up to the heel, then it isn't clear what to do.  It would be helped by having more pictures showing you which bit should be attached to which and indeed which side.  It also doesn't help that the instructions are written with the sample yarns in mind so it keeps talking about the colours which of course, didn't match mine.  On top of that I used fingering weight instead of sport weight so had to improvise with the joins to make it big enough.  Anyway I persevered and with lots of modifications have finished one sock.  I still enjoyed the actual knitting though so I will do the second one but I am going to start another sock project in the meantime - I am thinking either blueberry waffle with my Hedgehog yarn or use my Arne and Carlos self patterning yarn - decisions decisions.
Other than the socks, I have made a little progress on the worsted boxy and Donder and Blitzen hat, but not enough to photograph.  And although I wound the yarn, I have not cast on the peeping cowl. In terms of reading, the only book I have been reading is the new directions book, from which I got the mitered triangles pattern.
Hopefully by the weekend I will have some real progress to report.
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  1. What a fun sock! I love how that looks.

  2. The sock is amazing looking. And you're going to make a matching one, I presume?

  3. Wow! those socks look so beautiful and intricate :) Neat pattern.

  4. That sock looks so complicated, good luck! :)