Sunday 8 January 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 28

A week into 2017 already!  I'm a bit late today - I am hoping to organise myself a little better next week.
I have no FO's this week, but that is to be expected as I finished lots of things last week.
I have made some progress on my sock club socks but it is very slow going.  I have decided to just continue in a rib along the top of the socks rather than continue the cables and wrapped stitches.  I am now at the heels so hopefully we will speed up now.
I have also cast on another pair of socks - I was going to do these anyway but have decided to enter these in the first month of the Grocery girls KAL for socks (I can't remember exactly what it is called but they have to be done that month and should be linked to the time of year somehow - I have gone for colour).  These will have the blue toes, heels and cuffs and the frosted holly for the rest.
I have also cast on a vest that I will attempt to enter in 2 KAL's.  It is Sunshower by Andi Satterlund.  I shall enter it in the Inside Number 23 Andi Satterlund KAL and in the Yarniacs self indulgent KAL.  This is knit in a worsted yarn and I am always pleasantly surprised by how quickly these knit up.
I think that is all this week.  I have organised my bags with projects in and have invested in some dyes so I can finalise some of my plans for this year.


  1. TAAT!! yay for sock knitting with no SSS (second sock syndrome)

  2. Look at you go with TAAT socks!

  3. Nice club socks! Forgoing the cabling and wrapped stitches on the top of the foot sounds like a good idea to me - I'd think it'd feel pretty lumpy inside a shoe.

    Gorgeous blue toes you've got happening!

  4. What a beautiful stitch pattern in those socks. And the color is terrific, too. And another clothing item! I can't wait to see the finished vest! :)

  5. Oh, a Grocery Girls KAL? I should double-dip since I am doing socks and more socks! I love the socks you are working on. I have so much I want to get off the needles that was put on hold for Christmas knitting. I am taking the Craftsy dye class right now and need to budget for all the equipment needed! I joined the HP KAL at I#23 but I wasn't ready for a sweater yet. I have one I need to start already so until that one is done there won't be another....or so I say! LOL! I love the patterns from Andi as they have a vintage feel and look. Your yarn is lovely and look how much you have done already! You go girl! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. Your sick club socks are very attractive. Love the cuff interest but can totally understand why it is slow going. Love the color of your vest too. Your other KAL socks toes are such a pretty color. It does remind me of winter.