Sunday 29 January 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 31

Another busy week, but I do have some progress to report.
I finished the winter socks.  These are knitted in the last of my Frosted Holly by Mothy and the Squid.  I knit a full pair of adult socks with these for Christmas so I ran out before I would normally start my ribbing, but I don't mind I like the colours anyway and it means I used every last cm.
I have now entered these for both the boxosox KAL (Yarngasm podcast) and the sockbash KAL (Grocery Girls podcast)

I have no photos this week as I have been lazy and not taken them!  Will take next week and then real progress should be seen.  I have made progress on my Sunshower vest and am now onto the bottom ribbing.  So just the button band and arm holes to do.
I also started the first of my Christmas gift socks (I am startting early as I want to knit everyone socks next year!) for Lily - so little pink socks.

Last week we went to the wildlife centre to see the otters - they love the ice.
This week Thomas went to a climbing party, the first time he has tried anything like this - I think he enjoyed it.


  1. Great pic of the otter. I have yet to see one in the wild, but I keep hoping. Feels good to knit right up to the end of a ball doesn't it? No bits to wonder what to do with.

  2. Lots of people prefer shorter socks :) I like the contrasting heels, cuffs and toes, and yes, so nice to use every cm!

  3. I think socks for everyone for Christmas is a fun idea! :)

  4. I love those socks...especially that yarn! Sweet! I have yet to try toe up or contrasting heels, cuffs, and toes but need to! I love otters...they are so playful and seem to really know how to enjoy life. I'm glad my kids never did climbing as I am afraid of heights and would not have been able to stomach it! LOL!