Sunday 15 April 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 42

I have a little bit to show this week.  Somewhat helped by the fact I missed last week and I have been on holiday the past two weeks.  I probably ought to get going then!
I finished Zinone about 2 weeks ago. It is still unblocked but I will get to that soon.
This is knit in Blacker Lyonese which is a linen blend, I love it and the colour.
I also finished my Winter Rose socks which is the first socks in the handmade sock society by Helen Stewart.

I finished these a while ago too and really should be casting on the second socks but have yet to do so.  These are knit in the Knitting Goddess Wensleydale and shetland.
I cast on Quiet Stars by Joji Locatelli and have been making good progress.
This is in Stranded Dyeworks in Metelsome (I can't remember which base), I am loving both yarn and pattern.
I have also been making progress on my gift mittens.
These are in stash yarn which is an alpaca so it is so soft.
And finally, I have been making great progress on the socks for Thomas.  Again these are in a Knitting Goddess yarn in the colourway tiger feet.
I have turned the heel and am now making my way up the leg.
So there it is!  I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. You have accomplished quite a bit in the past couple of weeks. Love the sweater......even unblocked it is beautiful.

  2. Zinone is lovely! That soft blue-grey is gorgeous. With the expectation of better weather ahead I'm totally enjoying seeing lovely summer-y tops!

    That tiger feet colourway is awesome!

  3. The sweater is so pretty. It will be a great summer piece.
    Don't you just love the Winter Rose pattern? I do want to make a second pair. But I'm well into Magnolia, and enjoying that pattern, too.
    The gift mittens are off to a wonderful start.

  4. Wow! So much to look at, Lucy. Your socks are great - love the colorway, tigerfeet. Your finished Zionne looks so pretty and comfortable. And the Quiet Stars sweater is beautiful! (I looked it up.) I'm so impressed at your knitting, Lucy. You could created an entire wardrobe between your knitting and sewing skills!

  5. Very busy! Love the stripey socks and those Winter Rose socks are lovely! Zinone looks like a comfy spring top...

  6. Your Zinone is lovely and the linen will be perfect for the warm weather when it comes. the Winter Rose socks are gorgeous....Helen is amazing! I'm just working on my first pattern from her. I cannot tell how Joji's garment is going to end up....neat construction and I can't wait to see it finished! I love Thomas's socks...those colors are great. The mittens are my goal...someday....color work is something I've been wanting to learn/do. Those are going to be gorgeous! Have a great week!