Sunday 24 June 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Round up post

This was my list for 2017/2018

This year, I had decided, was the year of the handmade wardrobe.  I did a fair bit towards it.

  • Gathered skirt - one done
  • Delphine skirt - one done
  • button through skirt - one done
  • yoked skirt - not done - but did make 4 dresses and a pair of shorts.
  • Tunic top - one done
  • t-shirt style top
  • Breathing Space - Finished September 2017
  • Epistrophy - Coldharbour Mill yarn - still bagged up and ready for me! 
  • Tell it Slant - Eden Cottage Yarn - probably not - will repurpose yarn and possibly do something from PomPom instead.
  • Christmas Jumper - Tenderheart - John Arbon Textiles knit by numbers - Finished November 
  • Cropped sweater for winter - using my De rerum Natura  Gilliatt - Finished July 2017
  • Chuck sweater - Coldharbour Mill yarn - finished
  • Penguono - lots of stash yarn - finished
  • All the love - yarn bought at Unravel
  • Bonbon mitts - Finished August 2017
  • Socks - I am not going to specify a pattern as new ones come up and I always want to do them - I subscribed to the Curious Handmade sock society and am making my way through those
  • Shortie socks - to use up stash - one pair completed
  • Knees up - Not as yet
  • Pumpkin Spice mittens - was in progress - decided to use different yarn - now will use yarn used for my yarn exploration.
  • Void shawl - made Reflection instead by Veera Valimaki
Other items
  • Socks - finished and gifted
  • Scarf - Sevilla - in progress for a friend - still!
  • Bath bombs - for pressies and myself - not yet - this year though
  • Christmas jumper for Thomas - follow tenderheart but add colorwork - Finished
  • Mittens - start knitting for next Christmas - one done 5 more to go
Craft fair/other crafts:
  • Embroidery - develop to make myself some bags
  • Dog coats - knit some more
  • Hot water bottle covers
  • PE bags and pencil cases for the boys - finished August 2017
Finished items:
So what was my favourite project last year ....
It has to be Breathing Space
My most favourite socks....
My July socks designed by Knitterarium
My project that was the most fun to knit...
Penguono (hands down)
So that was YOP 7 - I wonder what YOP  has in store?


  1. I have to say.....watching the Penguono progress was so much fun. I love the finished product too. Thomas' sweater was also one of my favorites this year. You really accomplished quite a bit this year. I am amazed at how much you get done. Do you sleep? Teaching and raising 2 young boys is already a 24 hour day!

  2. Somehow I missed the finish on the Penguono. It looks terrific. And perfectly done. You're my knitting hero, Lucy. If I could knit like you, and if I had the motivation to do it, I'd want to make a wardrobe of hand-made clothing. I think that would just be so cool. You had some great finishes this YOP year. Congratulations!

  3. I am just amazed by how much you make in a year. I'm even more impressed that you can keep track of all of it.
    The Penguono is truly an accomplishment. I bet you get tons of complements when you wear it.

  4. A handmade wardrobe is such an inspiring undertaking! I love seeing the sewing projects as well as the knitting projects.

  5. Great job!!! Can't wait to see what the next year brings for you...I'd love to do a handmade wardrobe, but everytime I touch my machine, I break it!

  6. Penguono is soooo beautiful. I can see why it is your favourite.