Sunday 23 September 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 13

Well I think I can safely say that Autumn has hit England.  It's now been raining for two days and it's been veritably chilly!

So, the knitting has to go up a gear...
I have a FO.  My summer shortie socks are done.  Just in time for the cold weather.  Oh well I will have them next year. 
I just used up some leftover yarn for these, I think one is by Stranded dyeworks.
My Ess is coming along nicely, although I am definitely going to run out of yarn.  Therefore, I have ordered another skein from Eden Cottage yarn (amongst other things - I have been so bad!)
Rugged coat is also coming along, but looks very much like it did last week, as does the Hufflepuff scarf, so will update next week. 
Since I have finished my shortie socks, I have to cast on more.  So I cast on my Let's make it to Blackpool socks which are the socks I am knitting for the Little Drops Of Wonderful Strictly Come Dancing sockalong.  I am using an Owl About yarn sparkle sock in Milky Way from stash.
I am hoping to get this pair finished by Blackpool week and then I might be able to get some Christmas socks in.
I think that is it for this week.  We are out again at the racing next week so may not be able to post, but then it is the last one of the season.  To catch up with the others please click on the link to the right.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the Ess shawl, I can't wait to see how yours will look when finished. I also like the socks, especially the contrasting heels. What is the Strictly come dancing sockalong? *off to google that*

  2. I agree, it’s definitely chilly in the UK, 8C here (in the Highlands) today.

  3. Not quite chilly here, but definitely cooler...finally! I have a pair of shortie socks on the needles too, like the contrast band on yours...Can't wait to see your finished projects..

  4. The shortie socks are cute Lucy and I've been wearing my shortie socks in my ankle boots so I can get some more wear from them lol.
    It's hard to go to Eden Cottage and not be bad, so I can't wait to see what the badness brings in the post :)

  5. I love shortie socks. I have enough yarn left from my basic ribbed socks to make a shortie pair for off to find the right needles!

  6. Shortie socks are something I have never made but really should. I like yours with the heels in coordinating color.

    Lucky you to have your temps believe in Autumn. We are still HOT!

  7. Your shortie socks look great! We finally cooled off (into the 60's on the first day of fall). Couldn't be happier. :)

  8. It’s chilly here too! I know exactly what you mean with your summer shortie socks done in time for the cold weather.... my bamboo socks are summer weather socks too. I just hope I finish them before the first snow!

    Christmas socks! Yes!!!

  9. Your shortie socks are adorable! (Pretty colors.) So funny that you're doing Strictly socks -- I've been watching the LDoW podcast for ages and it's always fun to see the Strictly shenanigans. (For those of us across the pond, why is it called Strictly Come Dancing? Is Strictly a place?)