Saturday 25 May 2019

Me Made May Update 3

I cannot really believe May is nearly over.  I know there is another week to go but I am going to put myself out there and say I think I may succeed at me made May!  I have worn something homemade every day, I may not have put a photo on Instagram every day but I have worn something homemade.  I already have a very good idea about what I can wear and, perhaps more importantly, what I don't like wearing.
I have been wearing versions of the same thing this week.  At the weekend at the racing, I wore my Miranda by Josie Paquain.  This is knit in Madelintosh Pashmina worsted yarn which is gorgeous but it the most pilly (I don't think that is a word but I'm going to use it anyway) yarn I have ever used.  But it is gorgeous so I still wear it quite a lot!  A dreadful photo by the way, but there we go.
At the beginning of the week I wore another Coco dress.
And then towards the end of the week I wore one of my Cleo dresses with a different top underneath.
Since we are now on half term break I should be able to bring in my review post on Friday on time.  So that was last week - here's to the next!


  1. I believe pilly is a word. If not it is now! You have done well with your 'me' wardrobe this month. A great accomplishment for sure.

  2. Your post is the first one I’ve read that makes me realise what Me Made May is! I’m hopeless at connecting the dots, doh! Does it have to be a garment? On dog walks everyday I wear a Me made scarf and hat, does that count?