Sunday 3 May 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 44

How can it be May already?
This week has flown by but I have done a fair bit.
I started and completed another soap Mitt.
It's knit in a stash cotton and is a pattern by Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet.
I have made lots of progress on Stonecrop. 
I have bound off the body and am now making my way down the sleeves.  I try to knit my sleeves two at a time so it is difficult to photo at the moment.
I have also would the first ball of yarn for a skirt that I want to start.  I will have to swatch for this!  I never swatch but I want this to fit my waist so swatching  it will have to be it.
I had fully intended to do some sewing this week but I  have not done this
 However,  I have got myself ready! I may try to get some done after 'school' one day this week.
I have been out in the garden - I  planted more potatoes, beetroot and carrots today.  I also want to tidy up the patio this week.
We go on a walk every day.  We do have a lovely sized garden, but it is really nice to get out and walk properly.  So we go down the road every day where there is a nature reserve and  nice wide paths so we can stay 2 meters away from anyone.  Today we went for a different walk and it was lovely.
I have also started Me Made May.  I often wear something me made most days but I shall try to document it again this year.  Here are the first three days!

I hope everyone has a good and safe week.


  1. Oh, I love Sew Sweet Violet! I need to catch up with her podcast! I love the soap bags and your sweater is zooming along! I have got to get my seed potatoes and I want to get those potato bags as I have too many critters here underground and above! My tomatoes are seedlings now and the lettuce is growing fast. I need to sew!!! I have so many projects I want to sew. Look at all the lovely clothing you've made for yourself! You go girl!

  2. That first piece, the dress is very cute.....yeah I went out and cleaned the yard today....We have 14 acres and a lot of junk gets blown into our yard or off the porches...

  3. Love your sewing projects. Well done! Garden centres are just opening here for curbside pickup. I am hoping for some herbs, and fuschias, and bleeding hearts as well as some tomato plants. That is about all my back deck can handle.

  4. Stonecrop really grew this past week. Such great colors. Love that soap Mitt. What a great idea. No wasted soap that way. Your may made me is always so nice to look at. You have really done so many garments these past few years.

  5. Your jumper looks pretty close to being finished now. Your sewing looks great, I love that dress. As the weather is cooler I have unintentionally been doing me made May because I’ve been wearing my hand knit jumpers.