Sunday 24 May 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 47

Um... missed another week.  They are just fusing together, I'm not sure whether I am coming or going!
Anyway, I've got it this week and I have progress.
First, a finished object.  I finished Stonecrop.   I love it, it is my first cropped sweater for a while.
Yarn is John Arbon (who happens to be having a virtual open weekend in a couple of weeks) Devonia.
Then I have a number of new cast ons.
I cast on my skirt that I  was swatching for.  I'm making it up as I go so am just going to do miles of stockinette for a mo then finish off with some colour work.
I also cast on a second Breathing Space by Veera Valimaki.  I knot one of these several years ago and it is one of my best worn sweaters.  So now I am going to do a non-stripey version in yarn from the wool kitchen.
Then I decided I wanted a faster knit to go with sewing I want to do this week.  So I used some De Rerum Natura Gilliat from stash and cast on a From Way Back. 
Another sweater I have knitted before,  but this time I am going to make a  cropped version in a heavier weight yarn.

In other news I am doing more drawing again.  Today Sky Arts are running a live portrait drawing of Will Young and I intend to sketch along.  It could take all day and right now I have all day (give or take!)
I am also going to try to do some sewing during this next week.
My school has said we will not be opening in the week beginning 1st June  so we have some more weeks yet - I  doubt Thomas will go back at all.  Daniel may get a couple of weeks but we will see.
Anyway hope you all stay safe, I  will try to remember next week!


  1. Your stone crop looks very nice on you. The shape suits you quite well. I always admired you Breathing Space sweater and really like the yarn you have picked out for it. From Way Back is such beauty of a sweater. I think doing it in a crop will be wonderful. Looking forward to see how the skirt knitting goes. You are so brave to just 'wing it'. Have a great week.

  2. Your sweater collection is gorgeous. Love the cropped one on you, and the colour too.

  3. Your Stonecrop is beautiful, Lucy. And it looks like a perfect fit!

  4. Love the Stonecrop! It looks so cute on you! I love all your new castons and the yarns. I think the skirt is going to be gorgeous. I used to have a sweater dress back when I had a good figure and I loved it. It was retail not handmade but so comfortable too. Enjoy and stay safe!

  5. Nicely done on Stonecrop. I have Breathing Space and the yarn to make one...just want to finish Beekeeper first

  6. Stonecrop looks great, I like the wide scooped neck on you. I have some John Arbon Devonia fibre to spin or felt with but I haven’t come up with a plan for it yet. I’m intrigued how you will stop the skirt rolling up if it is all stocking stitch on one side? Will you be sewing a hem? I love the idea of a knitted skirt, I’m all about comfort at the moment.