Sunday 14 February 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 33

 Another week has passed in much the same way as every other!

However,  it is the  half term break now, and the three of us could really do with it!  My husband, unfortunately,  has worked throughout and continues,  so no break for him (we realise we are privileged that he has a job).  Anyway,  me and the boys will enjoy!

I have made progress on my sweater - it is bottom up - so I about 10 inches in.

This is Oare Water, knit in Yarnadelic by John Arbon.
My socks are still in progress.

These are knit in a yarn from Kate Selene.
I have also put in some rows on my blanket.  The only thing I haven't really worked on is the Battenberg blanket,  but maybe this week...
Right I'm off to make the most of my week!  Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Certainly Covid has helped us appreciate the "little" things in life that are actually the most important. Glad your family is surviving it. Enjoy your break and your boys!!! Maybe hubby can enjoy a special breakfast or afternoon with the boys. Socks are almost done!!

  2. Yes, the weeks just roll into each other like a never ending groundhog day movie. Love the socks. Enjoy your midterm break. I hope your hubby can have some R and R soon.

  3. ah, the colour of that sweater is fabolous!

  4. Have a nice week off! I love the sweater and the socks! Hopefully you will get to wear them this winter!

  5. Yay to half term for you. It’s warmed up a bit here and our snow has melted today so I hope you also get some warmer days to enjoy the break.

  6. Good progress on your sweater and socks. Enjoy your half term break with your boys. Hopefully your husband can spend a little bit of time with you doing something special.

  7. I'm amazed we're nearly a year into this weird time we're all experiencing. That said, it hasn't felt hard for hubs and I to flex with it all. I can't imagine all the struggles that educators and students have to deal with.

  8. Look at you go on your sweater! Love the socks! Enjoy your week!