Sunday 28 February 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 35

 I don't know where the time goes at the moment?  Given that I don't leave the house except to go for a walk sometimes!

I have a couple of updates on my Projects.

I finished my January socks (mid February!)

These I knit in some yarn from Kate Seline with a contrast from West Yorkshire spinners. 

I have made progress on my Oare Water.  I put in several rounds today while out in the garden.

This is knit in John Arbon Textiles Yarnadelic. 

It has been beautiful the last few days,  so I shall leave you with a few snaps from the garden and our walks.


  1. Sitting outside with a warm beverage sounds glorious! I have a walk to the post office planned for Wednesday (when it won't be raining), maybe I'll treat myself to a coffee for on the way home!

    Your socks are lovely, and the sweater looks very cozy as well!

  2. Pretty colors of the socks and Oare Water. Your weather looks splendid for a walk and a beverage.

  3. Fun coffee drink?? Looks like a great outdoor treat. I also love the wildflowers of spring. We are so lucky to live surrounded by woods. Your socks look so cute.

  4. Is this the start of a year of socks box? It's a pretty start if it is. :) Looks like a lovely spring day where you are!

  5. I love your pictures. Yes, spring is coming - I see snowdrops everywhere I walk now. Your socks look lonely in that box - you need to knit some more for company. lol

  6. Looks like you are planning to make a box of socks 😀. Are they going to have a theme, like Amy’s Christmas Box of socks? It’s been such lovely weather the last few days what a difference it makes, it’s been lovely to see so many snowdrops this year. It will be a while before we see daffodils up here but assume you will have some soon where you are.