Sunday 16 May 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 46

 Things are really getting hectic at school at ghe moment,  so although I have kept up with Me Made May and posting on Instagram,  I have done little else in that department.  I will endeavour to do an additional post next week to summarise my findings so far!

This was my summary of last week.

There seems to be quite a colour theme going on this week!  Notice I wore my new Olive pinafore several times!

On the crafting front I had a finish (this morning actually, so this is unblocked and I will probably sew down the colar once blocked. )

Try to ignore the bare bits and messy bedroom, this was for finishing purposes only!  I will wear this with a high waisted skirt .  When it is blocked I will style it correctly.  This is the Antiquity blouse by Fabel knitwear and I love it and also loved knitting it.  It is knit from a combination of Keld fingering and Eldwick lace by Eden Cottage yarn.

I really haven't done anything else...

Oh yes, apart from bake a birthday cake for Daniel who entered double digits in the week!

And that is that!  I see no let up at school, this week and the next, but the end is in sight!

I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Your MeMadeMay was a success! I could use that goes with everything and yet it looks different depending on what you wear with it. Your tops are so cute too. You have created a very versatile wardrobe!
    Your Antiquity blouse is so pretty. It is such a lovely design and the fact that you enjoyed the knitting of it is a is gorgeous!
    I've been hearing all about "the end of the school year". My daughter is wanting to slow it down but the students keep acting as if it's already over! LOL!

  2. Your Antiquity is indeed just gorgeous!! That will be amazing with your high waisted skirt. Your son's cake is so cute. I'm sure he had a great birthday. Good luck as the school year winds down. So looking forward to a "normal" school year in the fall (although my son enjoyed not having to commute and find parking).

  3. Both the sewing and knit projects look amazing but the sweater is my fave. It will be fabulous with a high wasted skirt!

    Very creative cake too, it's lovely.

  4. So impressed with the sweater!
    That cake is amazing. I never made anything that special for my kids. And you are working!
    The end of this school year just cannot come fast enough, can it?

  5. LOVE the sweater!! AND all your awesome clothing makes!

    Happy birthday to your son!

  6. Antiquity is gorgeous! What a sweet ruffle it has at the top, too! I missed that in its making. I imagine that birthday cake was a hit. What fun.

  7. Antiquity is very pretty. It looks good on you too. Your thoughts on what to wear it with are spot on too. How did Daniel end up being 10? Where has the years gone? Super cute cake. Bet it was scrumptious too. I have enjoyed your IG posts on Me Made May.

  8. You are rocking MeMadeMay! well done on the finish. It is such a lovely colour!

  9. I agree with Sam, your pinafore goes with everything and looks different depending what you match it with. Antiquity is very pretty. That’s a pretty cool cake Daniel had.