Friday 7 May 2021

Me Made May - Review of week 1

 Despite work being completely manic, I have managed to keep up.with me made May this week.

So this is this week's offerings. 
Have I  learned anything from this week?  Yes - I have really enjoyed wearing these.  I love the owl skirt even though I can't remember the last time I  wore it.  The grey stripey top worn with the cardigan (Quiet Stars) is actually a Coco dress that I cut the bottom off of as it was too short as a dress.  Sanctuary (the orange top) I wear a lot anyway, but it was good to wear it in different ensembles.
So there you have week one.  A success so far.  Tomorrow I  will pick out a different set of key pieces to work with next week. 
#memademay2021 #handmadewardobe 

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