Sunday 6 June 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 49

 It has been half term this past week, which has meant I have been able to get on with a few bits and pieces!

At the start of the week we went back to Brands Hatch for the first time in over a year to watch some historic racing cars.

I then managed to clear Daniel's bedroom in time for the plasterer on Tuesday.   

The rest of the week has seen me in the garden, sewing, knitting and planning.

Whilst clearing Daniel's bedroom I found this

This doll my mum made me about 40 years ago!  She was in a bit of a bad way - she had a couple of rips, was very stained and her clothes had lots of holes in them.
Anyway, I cleaned her up and here she is now - my only FO this week.
She is clean and has new pants and a skirt.  I shall do a proper post on her next week.
Talking of pants... I made some for me this week ( another FO I miscalculated!)
These have there very own post Llama pants

And here they are!

I love them and intend to make a whole pile of them!
Finally, i did work on my vest, I bound of he body and now only have the finishing around the neck and arm holes to go.  I will post a pic of that next week.   I also intend to get my Me made May post up next week - let's see how that all goes!
Next weekend  I have bought a ticket for the weekender with the Foldline website.  It is a weekend of various talks and sessions about sewing techniques.  When you buy your ticket you can either watch along at the time, or you cam watch at your leisure as all the talks are available to you.
I should be able to fit my YOP post in though!  So, I hope you all have a good week


  1. That doll is too precious! I love her updates.

    And those llama pants, cute, quirky and I understand why you love them so. :D

  2. Your doll cleaned up really well. What a nice keepsake. I have never met anyone that makes underwear but yours are very cute. Great idea for all that leftover elastic I have from mask making.

  3. Oh my goodness, your doll cleaned up very nicely. And she got a new skirt, too!

  4. I love the doll and you did a wonderful job refurbishing her. What a precious gift from your Mum.
    As for the underwear, I had to laugh. I was an young adult when bikini underwear came into popularity...I think. I tried them but found myself constantly trying to pull them up as they always felt like my pants were falling down! LOL! That was the last pair I ever bought!
    As long as you like them that's all that counts!

  5. Oh what a lovely wee doll and her new skirt is very smart. You could work in the Repair Shop fixing people's knitted toys. I keep meaning to try the bubble surface wash the teddy bear ladies use on the old teddy bears and seeing how refreshed your doll looks may be the push I needed. The sewing course sounds interesting and I'm sure we will see the results of your new skills.

  6. How sweet you still have the doll your mum made for you. Even sweeter that you got to give her a few new clothes. Your undies are cute and look like they would be comfy too. Comfy undies are a must!

  7. Love the llama pants!!!!! I think I need to get over my fear of messing up and just sew my own underwear, the rise will be JUST RIGHT if I just do it myself.

    Your doll is darling, great job on the repairs.

  8. Love the doll - now she is tidied up she should turn her frown upside down! Love the panties - how clever you are to make you own to fit. I finally found jockey for women french cut and that is all I buy now - unfortunately for me they don't have a llama print!