Sunday 25 June 2023

A Year of Projects Update - Round up post

 I feel like I have been quite productive thus year!  Although not necessarily all from my list.


  • Sweaters - I have knit a few, Tegna was one and the garter marler and Takumi were others.

  • Soorik - Rav link started last YOP year - I finished this one!
  • Festive Sweater KAL - Rav link - started at Christmas - again finished this one as a dress.

  • socks - I  haven't knit as many of these but I have knit a few, including some Christmas socks made with a Stranded Dyeworks sock set

  • Mitts as part of the advent project and other items - finished and gifted this - I really ought to think about one for this year!
  • Continued progress through the Stephen West brioche course - I haven't done this so really need to go back to this
  • Progress on Battenburg - crochet but have put it here anyway as it is my only crochet project - again I haven't touched this but will make an effort next YOP year.
  • More pants! - didn't make any more but I do have the scraps to do some.
  • Summer dress - make a couple - including a floaty one perfect for right now in the heat and a Keilo dress.
  • Two more Esma's - Esma - didn't make Esma but have made my ice dancing mouse dress so am likely to make that rather than esma from now on 

  • Basic tees
  • Saguaro  - Saguaro - made this but didn't like the top - have made a keilo jumpsuit that I love and will perhaps make another Saguaro from different material
  • Placemats - didn't make these - but I did make 5 large cushion covers!  

  • I have been really enjoying my hand sewing this year do going some of these plans will be on next year's YOP 
Other crafts
I would like to do some embroidery this year and some more of the cross stitch that I started this year.   I would also like to do some more needle felting - in the first instance for mum's advent.  And throughout it all, I would love to make my crafting as sustainable as I can alongside doing the same in other areas of my life.  - I did the bits for mum's advent but didn’t continue. 
I also started a 50 things on my 50th year which included lots of crafting ideas so did some of these.  I did do some painting this year.
Next week I shall construct my next year of projects list - bug gor now I shall leave you with a posy of flowers I picked from the garden this morning.


  1. What a great year of projects! Best wishes as you explore new crafts in the coming year. Love the vase for your flowers. Love the explosion of colors.

  2. The festive sweater you made into a dress was my all time favorite. Although your tegna is beautiful too. I really admire you hand sewing your clothes. A lost art for sure.

  3. You make so many lovely things and major projects like garments. I love the mouse dress and the nordic design dress; that had to be a major piece of work! I too am making a Battenberg blanket. I just ordered some cream yarn for the in between squares. Loved the Christmas socks and always love all the yarns you choose.
    I am enjoying the embroidery sampler book so I can't wait to see what embroidery project you choose. Looking forward to all the plans and stash and new projects!

  4. Liz here, you got a lot done considering you are one of the few people in our group with a full-time job too. I love the Christmas dress so I’m glad you reminded us of that, it’s probably my favourite thing but you made some pretty cool things to choose from. If you don’t already follow Nancy Birtwhistle on Instagram or have her books then I highly recommend them if you want to be more sustainable around the home and garden. I bought her 3 books as a bundle on Amazon and there are so many things I’ve already learned and putting into action and they only arrived last week.