Sunday 11 June 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 51

 Well it has been an odd two weeks.  We had half term break, which saw me doing very little as I didn't feel that well.  At the end of the week,  I still didn't feel great despite resting so Monday saw me at the doctors, and so with antibiotics and steroids in hand saw me taking most of the next week off sick!  

So although I have not felt up to much  I have got into a few Netflix series and done a bit of crafting.

I love the Sewing Bee which returned the other week, and on the advice of members of a Sewing Bee group I found a series called Next in Fashion.  I really loved that and binge watch both series that have been made.  So then I went onto Making the Cut and Queer Eye.  I have loved it all - very feel good telly which was exactly what was needed!

Whilst watching these things I finished 4 cushion cases.

I also made myself the Kielo jumpsuit.

Now I love this, and I have been wearing it all day.  My only issue is the fact it has ties and is a jumpsuit.   Now on their own I have no issue with either and and happy to wear clothes which take some getting out of - but if there is a possibility of needing a public toilet - I will not be wearing this as you cannot stop the ties trailing!  But otherwise love it and I can see it definitely becoming my go to change into when home from work outfit or weekend hairdresser etc outfit.

I have also made more progress on Tegna 

I am making this from Third Vault Yarns who this week sent the third skein to make sure I definitely have enough yarn to finish this. 

I have also started a pair of socks from an unknown sock blank but will show those when I have more progress on them.

I returned to work on Friday which was a bit tiring but I made it so I am hoping next week will be better and will build up my strength.  Although having said that we went to a place called Cuckmere Haven on Saturday with Daniel which was lovely but was a bit of a walk that I also survived!

I hope everyone has a great week.  😊


  1. Wow! That jumpsuit looks amazing!! Hope you get your strength back. Thankfully I'm fully recovered from the exhaustion that my covid experience brought. So nice to wake up in the morning and feel rested.

  2. Oh my, love the jumpsuit. Looks great on you. Hopefully you will be 100% soon. So sad you were under the weather for so long. But how nice you completed some items during that time.

  3. The jumpsuit is gorgeous, does it have pockets you can shove the ties into? If not could you retrospectively add some? It looks great though. I’m a bit behind catching up so hopefully you are feeling even better now,