Sunday 9 July 2023

A Year of Projects Update - Week 2

 I can smell the end of term!  Just 2 weeks to go.

We have had quite a busy week - Thomas had a school trip, Daniel had his congratulations trip, we had 2 strike days and I went to visit a friend whose birthday is today and caught up with a friend that lives in Scotland that was visiting.  All nice things but it has meant very few crafts this week.

Luckily I have had a bit of time over the past 3 weeks!

I finished Rosa - I actually had finished her before I published my list, but I didn't show you so I didn't count it!

I have worn her several times and love it.  This is a Tilly and the Buttons pattern all sewn by hand which is my preference. 

Otherwise, I am still wading through Tegna  - I have split for the back and front now so should be done soon. 

I also pinned up my upcycled denim skirt (it was a pair of jeans).

Sorry the picture is blown out - I will have a better one as I start sewing.  This won't be for a couple of weeks as I want to finish Tegna first.

I do have a sock on the needles,  I am at the heel of sock one and I hope to get further with that as well over the next 2 weeks.

This coming week is still fairly busy, with a trip and a congratulations trip for Thomas  but I should be able to squeeze some in!

Hope you all have a great week. 


  1. Wow, you are busy! Kids will do that but treasure these days. I so miss all the school activities and having busy kids in my life. You will have plenty of time to craft when they are off on their own.

  2. The skirt will be a stunner. Wonderful progress on all the things.

  3. I love pretty and all d one by hand? You're amazing. I can't wait to see you wear the Tegna. What a neat idea to make a skirt from old jeans!

  4. Liz here, woohoo you are on the final countdown now to the summer holidays, hopefully it will be less rainy when you are off. The dress looks great. I love the fabric too.

  5. The Rosa is great. Looks very comfy. That denim skirt is going to be wonderful too. Enjoy the boys activities over the next couple of weeks.

  6. I love the button down!! Sewing by hand takes dedication!
    Your denim skirt will be lovely! I like the little contrast triangles that make the whole thing look pleated! When worn, I'm sure it will look like an A-line skirt.
    When I was in college, I had a skirt I made from an old pair of jeans, I kept it SUPER LONG. I wore it everywhere for years. It was denim and fabric. I think I hand sewed it because I was rubbish with the awful sewing machine (looking back, needed the tension adjusted).
    I like your shorter version much better, BTW.

  7. Wow! The Rosa looks great…and all sewn by hand, that takes skill and dedication. Can’t wai t to see your Tegna. The more I see, the more I want to make that pattern. Jen @ CarolinaTales