Sunday 17 September 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 11

 Well I don't really have much to show for my two weeks away from the blog!

I do have a few pictures from my travels so I will include those at the end.

I have made a tiny bit of progress on Pineberry.

I am busy attaching the belt to the body and then just have to finish the other side of the belt.  I hope to finish this week!  I am knitting this from Eden Cottage yarn and the pattern is in the last Pompom magazine. 

With that in mind there are some gorgeous patterns in the most recent Pompom magazine which I am dying to cast on (hopefully this week).

That is all I have done on the craft front. 

Last weekend we were at the Goodwood Revival which was brilliant. 

And this weekend we have been for a walk and saw all the things!

And that is all for this week.  I have less going on after school this week so hopefully more progress will be made.  Hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. Your pineberry top looks cool, can't wait to see if finished and on!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely week. That water view is so serene looking. Pineberry is going to be a lovely top.

  3. Pineberry has some very interesting texture. It's coming along nicely.

  4. Great photos and I love the one of you and your boy. Your sweater is so lovely and you can't go wrong with that Eden Cottage Yarn....scrumptious! Glad you had a fun week.

  5. You seem to really love those yarns from eden cottage. Do you find they wear well? I've used their yarn for weaving but I gave the item to my mum so I'm not sure how it is doing. She probably never has worn it.