Sunday 3 September 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 9

 I'm back again - for a moment!  It is back to school next week (I'm not thinking about it!)

Next Sunday it is the Revival at Goodwood, which we are attending and really looking forward to.  It is a chance to get really dressed up and watch some excellent motor sport as well!  Whether I will be able to post is another matter, we shall see.

We returned from Cornwall last week and I tried to make the most of my last few days before work starts up.

I made some jewellery with some pebbles I found on ghe beach.

I also photographed the jacket I completed a couple of weeks ago. 

At the moment I am mainly working on my Pineberry from Pompom magazine. 

I have finished the body and am now on the belt, so hopefully by the time I get to properly post again it will be done. 
I have done a bit of baking and made jam this past week - no pics unfortunately!
Anyway, I will leave you with pictures of our holiday and hopefully have a quick post next week.  Have a lovely week.


  1. The jewelry looks wonderful as does the jacket. Lovely snaps of the beach.

  2. Wow. Your jewelry is beautiful. Lordy, you are so crafty. Amazing job on your suit jacket. Your school schedule always reminds me of my niece's in Austria. She's flying back today from the US to be ready for the new school year.

  3. You did a lovely job on the jewelry! The jacket looks very professionally made. Good Job!

  4. You are so talented....lovely jewelry and a suit jacket! That is tailoring! Your sweater look so soft and your holiday photos are so inviting!

  5. Those necklaces are very pretty!

  6. Somehow in earlier posts I missed your like of motorsports. How cool and enjoy Goodwood! I will catch any replays on YouTube.