Sunday 7 July 2024

A Year of Projects Update - The List!

 How can it be that time again?

It is the start of my Year of Projects year - I do July to July and have done for (I think) 11 out of the 13 previous years it has been running.  Everyone is welcome and, of course you do not have to do July to July - you can make the year of Projects what you want ot to be.

I have created my list in generally the same way every year although it has been  evolving to being what I would like to do this year.

This year there will not be a list as such (shock - horror!)

This year I want to really focus on producing my home-made wardrobe.  I will be doing this with a mix of knitting and sewing - supplemented by some acquisitions from Vinted (a growing addiction at present!)

So I have a few pieces to start me off and then I'm hoping to have a wardrobe cull  to make way for the next batch of makes.

At the moment I have a swimming costume, a dress, a wrap/poncho and a pair of socks on the go.  In the future I definitely want a red and a lacy Tolsta, a big red bag and at least one dress from the Gertie book I got for Christmas.

So there we have it - that will be my year of projects  and I am looking forward to it!


  1. What a wonderful plan. I look forward to seeing the sewing and knitting.

  2. Big congrats on planning to "cull the wardrobe". I really need to make my husband go through his. I did mine last year when it weighed so much that the rack broke off the wall!!! Now I have a reasonable amount of clothes in the closet and I wear nearly everything regularly. Looking forward to your red projects. I love red.

  3. Well one could argue those 7 items make a list, but I totally get where you are coming from and having more “me made” items in your wardrobe sounds a great overall plan. I have friends addicted to Vinted (and have spent a lot by buying lots and lots of cheap items) but I’ve not ever really enjoyed any clothes shopping. I wish you well for the year ahead and hopefully the summer break can give you a good start. Liz (Highlandheffalump)