Wednesday 24 July 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

This is more of a finished object Friday, but I am going to classify it as a work in progress as the 2 objects that are finished are actually part of Christmas presents.
The first is the wristwarmers that I have knitted for one of my sisters in law, in jaunty colours, as modelled by my gorgeous son.  I shall now be knitting another pair for the other sister in law - so not totally finished!!

The second is my first dishcloth!!  I have used Grandmas favourite and it was lovely to knit - so now I am going to do a batch more.  Mostly as presents but some for me - I think I will do 3 of this pattern and then a design for each person.  So again not really finished!!

The third project I have is the mystery KAL - which after 9 rows went horribly wrong as I had been gaining a stitch per row that I shouldn't have been.  So frogged what I had done, worked out where I was going wrong and started again - not got very far on this now :(

I haven't made any progress on the roses as the weather is far too hot for the icing - hoping it will cool down somewhat so that I can do some more.
Also, it is the first day of the holidays today so hurrah!!  We have many plans and will update here as regularly as possible - I am very excited and the boys will be soon (I will make sure of it!!)

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