Sunday 1 November 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 18

Having cast on all the projects in the week, I have made reasonable progress!
First up is Rhombing around - I'm pleased to report I have CO the body - hurrah!  I had to take a certain artistic licence as I feared I may run out of my main colour.  I need a little for the arms, but now I should be ok.
After much umming and ahhing and starting other patterns I settled on Waving lace by Joji Locatelli.  I am nearly at the end of the bottom bit of lace.
I started a new pair of socks, two at a time again as this makes me happy!
Pattern is Cuboid by Claire Devine - I wanted some reasonably straightforward socks that I can knit mindlessly!
Otherwise, we went to a theme park on Thursday to see the animals (my boys aren't thrillseekers - yet).
We carved the pumpkins and went to a party yesterday.  Today we are off swimming.
Have a good week, to catch up with more see this group.


  1. I spy lots of progress and fun and that's what mid-term is about, how why does it have to end just quite so soon!

  2. Cuboid looks like a very fun and interesting pattern! And I guess we're both in a turquoise sock mood :)

  3. I have always wanted to try knitting two socks at a time, will have to put this on next years list. Like the choice of colour for your socks. Looks like you have had fun times on the half term break. Have a good week Leah Xxx

  4. Your boys are so cute! Love the pumpkin picture. I too need to try the 2 at a time sock adventure but I'm "packing" now to hopefully move so I only do handwork at night when I'm "worn out"! LOL! Love the projects and get so much done!

  5. I hope you don't run out of yarn, usually there is enough right?? just that niggling worry. Lovely knits :) and the kids look cute!

  6. Rhombing Around looks great! Artistic license should be taken on your sweater it is for you after all ;) I'm never managed to do two socks at a time - do you use Magic Loop or two circulars?

  7. I think knitting two socks at a time is genius. I can't imagine mustering the motivation to knit a second sock after finishing the first. Then again, I can't imagine being able to knit socks to begin with. Love the blue of the new socks. :^)