Sunday 8 November 2015

A Year of Projects Update - Week 19

Back to work this week after the half term break, but I still feel I have made reasonable progress.  I have, as I like, lots of projects on the go - so here they are.
I have started the sleeves on Rhombing Around and I am now trundling through the short rows.
I haven't worked much on my socks but they have progressed a little.  Love this yarn, it is by Skein Queen.
I am onto the stockinette section of the tank top, so this is my mindless tv knitting at the moment.
And what started as a test knit has morphed into a knit a long as the designer wanted to release the pattern for the Indie gift along.  I got an advance copy of the pattern though so I am already onto the body section.  It is Bluejay by Jennie Santopietro.

To see how everyone else is progressing please see this thread.


  1. Lots of progress on lots of projects, quite lovely! Love the sock yarn, the colour is just fantastic!

  2. Oh, I really like all your projects! The yarns you pick are so pretty and of course your good knitting really makes them shine. I too like lots of projects going at once....but I some finishes too!

  3. Lucy, clicking on the picture and seeing a close-up I understand why you love the color of that Skein Queen yarn. What a great combination of colors in that yarn. I look forward to seeing those socks when you are finished.

  4. Love projects, all! But just try saying "Skein Queen" fast five times! LOL!