Sunday 7 January 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 28

Back to school this week, so slightly less done, but it was a short week of work so can't complain.

Most of the things I have worked on this week have been new cast on's (I hang my head... no not really - it will all get done eventually!)
The only thing I have worked on that was pre-Christmas was Chuck.  I am now making my way down the first sleeve.  I am hoping to get this done very soon and be able to wear this sweater to Unravel.  I was asked last week what Unravel was - it is a small yarn event near where I live.  It is the closest one to me and in reality the only one I can get to. 
I also cast on and cast off a second pair of Tchaikovsky mitts.  These are exactly the same but a bit bigger than the ones I knit for my gran.  Reason being I mistakenly knit the child size the first time but thought since they fit me ok that they would fit gran as I was sure she had smaller hands.  What I didn't factor in was the fact she has arthritis and her knuckles are quite swollen.  So I didn't say anything at the time as she loved them and kept saying she loved the colour even though I was sure she would have to force them on.  So I have knit her a bigger pair and will send them to mum next week to give to her.
I have been making great progress on Penguono - It is brilliant and I can't get enough of it.
Finally, but with no picture, I cast on some little socks that I am knitting as a garland for next Christmas.  I want 24 to hold next years advent calendar!
I also received some fabric that I got in the sales and cut it out for a coco dress.  I might be able to get to sew that up next week so may be able to show it then.
That is it for this week hope everybody has a great week.


  1. Your Chuck sweater is gorgeous! What a sweet gift for your grandmother...remember it's the thought that counts and I'm sure she loves them. Okay, let me just say I am drooling over the Penguano....another knitter friend did one and it is gorgeous and I can tell yours is off to a great start! It's on my list but probably not this year....there's my Karma shawl first! I will look forward to seeing it every week now! LOL! You're still amazing with all you get done!

  2. What a gorgeous yarn for your Chuck sweater... looking forward to seeing it done. No pressure though ;)

    So sweet to make another pair of mitts. Sounds just like my Mom though, saying something positive instead of admitting they don't fit. Best intentions!

  3. I made a Tchaikovsky hat, but not the mitts yet, and I really must fix that. They are SO cute. I may add a gusset thumb.
    That sweater is going to be amazing!

  4. Your projects are beautiful and your pictures are great. I can just see your gran smiling when she opens her beautiful new (larger) mitts. :) And I look forward to seeing another sewn project, Lucy. Fun!

  5. Lucy, You have done great this week. Your Chuck is moving right along. Gran eill be so happy with her larger mitts. The Penguono is a great project and i am going to love watching yours grow.

  6. You and I are both thinking ahead to Advent this year. That is good planning!

  7. That Chuck project is gorgeous! I love the cables and the colour. Very sweet of you to make a second pair of mitts for your gran.