Sunday 17 February 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 34

It's been quite an exciting week on the FO front!  And this is whilst I have been at work.  We are off this week - it is half term.  We have a few plans including Unravel at the end of the week (my treat for entertaining the boys all week!)  Otherwise we have some swimming plans and a bbq planned for Monday with friends.
Anyway onto these FO's!
I finished my legwarmers at the start of the week.  I love these and plan on wearing them a lot.
The yarn is some that I repurposed from another frogged project.  And the pattern is from an issue of Stranded magazine.
I also finished the Flax for Daniel.  I am so pleased with this - it is big enough for him to wear this year, but has enough room that it should be ok for next year as well.
Yarn is some that a friend got for me.  I still have enough to make some hats.
I also finished another Team Hard hat for the motor racing.
I now have two done and have the last one now on the needles for me.  Pattern is a free one for a cabled hat.  The yarn is hopefully showing the right colour, despite looking quite red in previous pics, it is actually a bright pink!

I have made no progress on the Grass River Tunic or my socks, but hope to this week.
Well that is it for this week - I hope everyone has a lovely restful week.


  1. Daniel's sweater is great. Especially if he gets 2 years out of it. Everytime I see leg warmers I here the music for Flashdance playing in my head. Good use of frogged project. The color on the hats is a favorite of mine. Hot pink is such a cheery color for dreary winters.

  2. In my teens I did ballet and modern dance classes most evenings and competitions at weekends and had a large collection of leg warmers, but nothing as intricate and fancy as those you’ve made. The sweater looks good and I too love the hot pink colour cats.

  3. Your finished leg warmers look so cozy and warm! Daniel's sweater turned out great. And I thought the hats were red when when I saw them before. I liked them in red, but I like the hot pink even better! :)

  4. What a great FO parade Lucy. Love the leg warmers and Daniels Flax turned out great, I love a sweater you'll get two years out of! Hope you enjoy the mid-term week and the trip to Unravel at the weekend. We have mid-term also but no Unravel trip lol.