Tuesday 21 October 2014

Project WO

So this week I have made a little progress on the wedding outfit.
I couldn't sew up the muslin for the wrap dress as I realised that I needed ball point needles for the stretch fabric.  I have picked these up today so hopefully next weekend I should be able to sew it up.
I did take receipt of my fabric and yarn to make the shawl.

The material wasn't hugely expensive (from Minerva Craft), but feels lovely and has a bit of texture to it.  The yarn is a gorgeous silky sock from Mellifera yarn to make Fragile Heart a shawl by Boo knits.
Mel is also going to dye some aran in reflection for me so that I can make the bag to match.  She has aran in at the end of the month so hopefully soon after that I will get all the yarn I need.

That's about it on the wedding outfit front this week, I have made other progress but I will blog about that in my Year of Projects post on Sunday.

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  1. Wow....you have a lot on your plate! But cannot wait to see everything!

  2. love the fabric and the texture! The wool is so pretty and soft. Soon you'll be knitting your heart out!