Sunday 30 June 2013

It's Finally July!

As the title suggests it is finally July - although in reality still June - it's as good as.  This means it is time to join in with a third year of Projects.  I have had my list ready for a while but have changed my mind a few times already - I don't know if that bodes well or not!  I have put my list on the page headed A Year of Projects (strangely!)  Also joined a knit-along yesterday and received my first yarn from A Stash Addict this week, so have got lots to do.
Have done little else today, apart from a bit of light gardening and making some chocolate cakes - as you can see here!!


  1. Welcome welcome and love the list, that is so doable and can't wait already to see a few of those projects, in particual the placemats as I've these in mind somewhere along the way and looking forward to seeing your dragonfly wings I'm just settling on my final choice of shawl the yarn is balled and ready to go lol. Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday than making chocolate cakes !

  2. Thank you,it has been a lovely day. Can't wait to get going :)

  3. Oh those boys must keep you busy and a teacher as well? Your hands are constantly juggling! I like the sound of those crocidile scarves for the boys.

    1. They certainly do. Luckily,they are getting to the age when they can play together and I can fit in other things!