Friday 5 July 2013

Summer is here!

It is a gorgeous day today, but unfortunately I am full of cold!!  The weekend is supposed to be nice so hopefully will be feeling better tomorrow.  On the project front it has been going very well.  Have finally finished the bag, so can show it off on the FO Friday page!!  The sewing wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but you mustn't look too closely!

So now I have finished the bag I have started the Dragonfly wings for the knit-along with the cwtch.  I have never done a knit-along, never knitted a shawl, never knitted lace and never knitted with this type of yarn before - so its a bit of a new experience all round!
It took me quite a while to get going, casting on lots of time before I settled on needles and type of cast on.  Ended up starting with bamboo DPNs and a simple cast on.  The yarn is lovely but is very slippy (! specialist term) and a bit fluffy.  Now I am underway it is ok and have changed back to normal needles.  Will move to circular needles when I get more stitches.  There are a few mistakes but I think I can get away with them given the nature of the yarn/pattern - we will see!

Anyway, will see if I can shake this cold and maybe get a few more rows done.  
Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Great bag! Hope you start feeling better.

    1. Thank you - feeling better already, think the sun has worked some magic!