Sunday 11 August 2013

Another Sunny Year of Projects Post

Another short and sweet post this week.  We have been away for half the week and now we are back with my mum and dad in tow!!
We went to Crealy Park on Monday, went on the log flume and met the Octonauts!!  Went to Clevedon on Wednesday, which was lovely and then went to Hever Castle on Friday to see the jousting!  Will post pictures when I get some time in the week.
Today we went to Tulleys Farm for coffee and a shop at the craft fair, and this afternoon Thomas went to a birthday party.  So quite busy - but managed to get some knitting done in between.
This is the hat for me and finished 1 half of the last pair of wristwarmers on my list.

This is the mystery KAL that I completed last week.

I also received my purchase of Socktopus this week so I will be casting on a pair of vanilla socks this week and a jumper by Amy Miller - Little Gradient for Thomas.  I don't think either of these are on the list, so I shall add them!!


  1. Fab hat and pretty cowl, a mystery Kal sounds like fun, you're going to have a busy week with all your new cast ons, I must admit that I keep adding new projects to my list whenever I come across a new pattern that I fall in love with.

  2. Love the hat and the cowl looks super. Nothing quite beats a week of startitis. Looking forward to seeing the new projects.

  3. These are great colors for you. You have made tremendous progress.

  4. Ooooh....pretty projects! I love the cowl and your hat too! I like that I'm not the only one who "futzzs" with her YOP list throughout the year! LOL! I can't wait to see the jumper pattern for Thomas and how you like seems to be a pretty popular book. Have a great week!

  5. Busy week of fun-and busy week of knitting. The cowl looks fantastic and I really adore the color you used. Sounds like you will soon have more lovely things to show us!

  6. The mystery cowl is lovely, I really like the colour! And the hat looks great on you!

  7. The hat and cowl are beautiful! I really like the colors. Congrats on your progress :)