Sunday 1 September 2013

A Year of Projects Update - 1st September!

Wow its the first already and its almost the start of a new term for me and Thomas.  Thomas goes back on Wednesday - year 1 already - time flies!  I go back on Tuesday but we have effectively 2 days of INSET so only 2 days this week with students - hurrah!  I think we are all ready - at least we have tomorrow to sort out the loose ends.
It is also my husbands birthday tomorrow - I was going to get him tickets to the Goodwood revival that we have been going to for a few years, but it is sold out - what is going on there!  Should have got the tickets earlier - but have instead got him a days hire of a Caterham 7.  He loves these cars and I can't afford to buy one so a day will have to do!!
Didn't post last week as we were on holiday in Somerset staying with my mum and dad again.  We had a lovely week - went to Creally Park, Clarks village (to get shoes!) and had a beautiful day at the beech - posted about these Here.

Anyway - this is not what this post should be about.
This post should really be about beads!!
I signed up for the Morticia KAL with Boo knits on Ravelry 2 weeks ago and have since been following the KAL thread.  It has become very obvious that I should be worried about beads!!  I have never done beading before so this is new to me.
I have, therefore been looking through many bead stores online - I have purchased some basic clear beads in the correct size, but since then have seen many more.  The question I have, is that if I end up purchasing millions of beads (which is wholly possible) and I can't stand beading - what am I going to do with them?!  A possible answer is coming up later!
This week I have completed a couple more hexipuffs and made a good start on both the Gradient sweater and the first crocodile scarf.
The Gradient is nearly finished as you can see here on my project page

I am really pleased with this - especially as it is my first sweater - hopefully will finish this weekend.
Pictured with the sweater is my answer to the beads issue!!
In one of the magazines I have been reading I saw an advert for row counters that were pieces of jewelry.  I had a close look and thought that I could probably do that!!  So I went to my local Hobbycraft, perused the beads and jewelry making section and came up with this.

I am very happy with this to the extent that I reckon, with more beads I could make a few more of these as presents!!

The crocodile scarf is also progressing but not as fast as I want to finish the sweater.

I have also signed up for another mystery KAL with the Amy Miller group (the designer of Little Gradient).  I have gone for 4 cowls (as opposed to 4 mitts) and hopefully these will be up sometime today.  There will be 4 patterns released each week of September - hopefully to use some of my stash - although I know I will probably find a way to invest in more!

In summary, my list now looks like this:
Firstly, gifts for Christmas

  • For Daniel and Lily -  a toy- ?dragon and rabbit using stash yarn
  • For the sisters in law - wristwarmers - finished 14/08/13 
  • For my mum and brother - pot covers 
  • For Thomas and Luke - crocodile scarf  - one started
  • For my mum and mil - dishcloths and bag - finished 3 cloths!

  • Then, there's all the projects just for me

    • Finish tote bag  - hurrah - finished 04/07

  • Hat for me - finished 09/08/13
  • Socks for me - definitely using my A Stash Addict yarn
  • Placemats - in time for Christmas I hope!
  • Scarf for the husband
  • Shawl for me - Dragonfly wings by Boo knits - will be my next project - finished 14/07
  • Winter hats for the boys

  • Additions!
  • Little Gradient for Thomas - Nearly finished
  • Hexipuffs - more made
  • Bonnet for SCBU - finished 14/08/13
  • Vanilla socks as first sock project - yarn bought from Mellifera yarns
  • MKAL  with One skein - scarflette - finished 26/07/13
  • MKAL with Boo Knits - Morticia - start 01/10/13
  • MKAL with Amy Miller group - start 01/09/13


    1. Gradient is looking great, I love the blues you are using and looking forward to seeing your MKAL in the cowls. I to am doing the Morticia and this week have to finally settle on yarn and beads so they can be here in time. Row counters is a fab way to use up beads and they are always used and needed by knitters.

    2. I look forward to seeing that sweater when it is finished. Looks great!

    3. Gorgeous sweater - love your colour choices. If you find a way to go through thousands of seed beads, please let me know. I'm considering taking online tutorials for crochet rope bracelets and necklaces just to work through the bead stash!

    4. That gradient sweater is just gorgeous, I'm impressed it's only your first!

    5. The sweater looks great...hard to believe it's your first! Makes me think maybe I should try one! I love the "gradient" part too. What a great idea for beads! Hmmm.....another Christmas idea, thanks! The scarf is too cute! Another great project! You've gotten lots done already in this YOP!

    6. Gosh, I love the Gradient! Perfect color choices.

    7. Great colour choices for the sweater. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    8. You are busy! I am always tempted by KAL's but after doing Sarah's Pick a Boo shawl one this summer, I am going to hold out a bit before joining any others. Your sweater is very lovely and I can see why you are anxious to get it off the needles!

    9. I love the crocodile scarf! That's brilliant. I want one now...

    10. I love that sweater! cant wait to see what the finished scarf will look like :)

    11. The gradient jumper looks amazing! And I love the crocodile scarf, so clever!

      I have a load of beads left over from my beaded shawl, and have no idea what to do with them, so if you have some clever ideas, let me know!