Sunday 3 November 2013

Year of Projects Update - Halloween

 Another week goes by and half term is almost over!  We all went out to see the fireworks yesterday - all wrapped up with ear defenders on!  A good time was had by all!!
 During the week we had some friends over and we all made Halloween biscuits - here they are in the act.
And here are the finished articles!!

I didn't get quite as much knitting done as planned - best laid plans and all.  I had to do some marking as well.
However, I did finish and block Morticia - pictured below.  I did the picot bind off, so meant although it took an incredibly long time, I learned several new techniques including beading and the picot.  In the new year I think I would like to learn crochet as a result, but not yet!

The colour on this one is not quite right - the second picture is better colourwise.  I would have liked to have blocked the points a bit better, and probably will before I give it away, but it is too big to block with the space/equipment I have.  I have no idea how people managed to block the large ones!!  This is a small!

Made a little progress on the scarf for mum/dad, but no progress on the crocodile scarves.

Did, however, cast on an Amy Miller cowl called Basketcase for my childminder.  Think I will make a second one if I like it for a friend who has just discovered she has cancer - something nice and warm for when she starts chemo.

Hope everyone has a good week - my mum and dad are visiting from Thursday so will have to try to get the scarf out of the way!


  1. Nice looking MORTICIA!
    Nice and thoughtful cowls for your child minder and possibl your friend! Way to go!

  2. I've seen a couple Morticia shawls and they all look lovely. As for probably won't work for you with a 5 year old and a 2 year old but I have a room that Little Man can't get into and it has a bed that can be pulled out to a king size and I block on there if it's really big. If it's not horribly large, I'll just use the twin bed. Fans blowing the air around make blocking quicker :)

  3. Ooo, pretty shawl! I'm also confused how people are able to block such large pieces. I don't think my bf would appreciate pins all over our bed :P

  4. Beautiful shawl! What an exquisite job you did on it...way beyond my skill level! My hat's off to you. The cookies are so cute! They did a great job on them. My daughter is a teacher also and she has 2 boys about the same age as yours. I like the grey or oatmeal colored yarn in the picture.

  5. Your Morticia is stunning--what a beautiful job you did. I am having a hard time believing that Halloween is come and gone--now we really start the march to Christmas. Originally I wasn't going to knit gifts for anyone, but now I think I might do a couple---peer pressure! ;)

  6. Morticia is beautiful.I haven't figured out where people find the space to block large shawls either. Picot edges DO take forever - and they eat yarn - but they make for such a nice finish!

  7. Morticia is lovely. I have yet to block something large that I've been happy with. I'm always fussing with it..pulling this this edge just a little...and then oops..that whole section is out of wack... *sigh* You did a great job...

  8. Your Morticia looks fantastic, love it! Those biscuits look yum and much fun I suspect was had by them all. :)

  9. Amazing Morticia. I tip my hat to you. I never have the patience for that kind of knitting.

  10. Yay biscuits! It looks like they're having so much fun! Morticia looks amazing! You've done such a great job! I can't give you any advise on blocking since I'm really a rookie at it.. Good luck!