Sunday 22 December 2013

Year of Projects - Nearly End of Year Update

So here it is (Merry Christmas) - well nearly - it is the last update before Christmas and it has flown by!!
Iam still doing presents but should be there by Wednesday!

Finished the second crocodile scarf on Friday and so now have cast on the last present which is a little pink bag for my niece.  I still have one sock to finish for my SIL, but now that I am on holiday I am hoping I can fly though that today and tomorrow.
The yarn ordered from Mellifera yarn came this week and here it is - lovely!!

So here is the list as it stands - I have updated with pictures here

Firstly, gifts for Christmas

  • For Daniel and Lily - a bag for Lily and will knit Daniel an elephant later in the year
  • For the sisters in law - wristwarmers - finished 14/08/13 
  • For my mum and brother - pot covers and mug hug - another change of plan - scarf for mum and gardening things for my brother
  • For Thomas and Luke - crocodile scarf  - finished 20/12/13
  • For my mum and mil - dishcloths and bag - finished 01/12/13

  • Then, there's all the projects just for me

  • Finish tote bag  - hurrah - finished 04/07
  • Hat for me - finished 09/08/13
  • Socks for me - definitely using my A Stash Addict yarn
  • Placemats - in time for Christmas I hope! - next Christmas!!
  • Scarf for the husband - for mum finished 
  • Shawl for me - Dragonfly wings by Boo knits - will be my next project - finished 14/07
  • Winter hats for the boys

  • Additions!

  • Little Gradient for Thomas - Finished
  • Hexipuffs - more made
  • Bonnet for SCBU - finished 14/08/13
  • Vanilla socks as first sock project - yarn bought from Mellifera yarns
  • MKAL  with One skein - scarflette - finished 26/07/13
  • MKAL with Boo Knits - Morticia - start 01/10/13 - finished 01/11/13
  • MKAL with Amy Miller group - start 01/09/13 - completed 2 cowl - 2 more to go
  • September MKAL with One Skein - nearly finished - changed into scarf and finished
  • Poncho - Lemonade from lemons - Linda Blakeley
  • Learn to crochet
  • Willow boot socks - possible Xmas gift for SIL

    1. Those scarves kill me! And yes lovely, lovely yarn....

    2. Oh that yarn is gorgeous! I've been yearning over her yarns but I'm too afraid of shipping and duty to place an order. I'll just enjoy watching your knit up :)

    3. That yarn is really pretty, what color is that? What a great idea to update your list with pictures!

    4. Impressive list and accomplishments! The yarn is so pretty and love all your pictures.

    5. Wow, you have almost accomplished all of your list, I'm impressed!