Wednesday 23 July 2014

WIP Wednesday - My first test knit

I have cast on!!  My first test knit - raspberry tart - or as I shall name mine - plum tart.  My yarn is Eden Cottage oakworth dk in plum, hence the name.

So I started a little late, but this allowed me to look at the comments and work out a few things first, before plunging in.  So far so good, I have only got to the first intricate pattern, so we shall see!!  I am very pleased with it so far.
I also have my Xmas jumper still otn, not any further forward.  I'm already thinking it may have to be for next Xmas!  But maybe that is me just being defeatist!!
I am getting ready for a craft fair at the weekend and here are my new products on display.

So that is me at the moment.  I have no new sewing projects on the go, but I still need some pj's so may cut those next.  Now I am officially on holiday I can do this at my leisure!


  1. The plum colour is lovely! Everyone seems to be knitting in plums and purples these days. I need to add some to my stash!

  2. Nice, plum color. This display is creative.

  3. I love the plum colour, so rich and the new display looks good, best of luck this weekend.

  4. I love the little socks! What a fun knit! and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the test knit :)

  5. Those socks are so sweet, I would love to do a craft fair, just not brave enough I guess, lol.