Sunday 14 December 2014

Year of Projects Update - week 24

This will be a very short post with no photos this week!
I have just returned from my last craft fair of the year.  The craft fair itself went very well, but I came out to find I had left my lights on and the battery was completely flat.  Who knows how, given there is an alarm if you leave them on and I returned to the car.  Anyway after two hours and an attempted rescue by an elf (I kid you not), the AA finally got me going.

In terms of projects I have done very little other than working on things for the stall and a couple of commissions.

This next week is a blur of Christmas plays and end of term but I should get some knitting in and have something more productive with photos for next week!


  1. That reminds me of a bootfair we did one year. We accidentally left the radio on very low instead of turning it off. It drained the battery. One stallholder with a broken finger managed to give us a push start. But we conked out again. The AA came fairly quickly and used a magic device that got us going in one second. We were really impressed.

  2. Hope the craft fair went well :) After the car trouble I had in the line for gas at Costco, I think I'm getting a CAA membership for Christmas this year!

  3. Oh no! to the car but I'm glad the fair went well. Our week is something very similar to here, end of term madness with plays and what not but then blissful holidays!

  4. I'm intrigued about the Elf...glad the fair went well tho xx

  5. Oopsies! Glad the problem was fixed.