Sunday 28 June 2015

Year of Projects - Round up!!

Well, what a year?  It seems to have flown by.
The pictures are not all of the FO's, but some of the most memorable.
It started with a test knit (main pic below) - I loved doing this and learned such a lot, but also realised that I don't like knitting with that type of pressure (time and skill), so this was my first and probably my last (for the time being at least).
Going around, I knit several bits and pieces for the stall and Etsy shop, that I now have (mainly as a result of this group).  I have particularly liked knitting baby booties as they take little time, but are so cute!!  I have knitted lots of hats, mainly for the stall, but some for costumes we have needed (snowmen at Christmas)!  Early in the YOP I got to planning the outfit for my SIL's wedding and so above is the dress and at the bottom in the additions is the shawl.  The wedding is next week, so I hope to kick the year off with the list and a picture of the ensemble!
Along the bottom of the first selection are some accessories for me - Spiced cocoa mitts and odd stripes.  And last up in the first group are the first in a line of socks, these were a MKAL at the new year.

In the second group, the main picture is Aiken knitted in Gilliatt by de rerum natura.  I love this yarn, almost as much as I love Mellifera yarn!  I also love Andi Satterlund's patterns, this is the second of hers and I have another (Vianne) on the needles.

Going around again, top right is a pair of Abates for my two boys.  Love this pattern - I think there is an adult version.  Then going down we have two pairs of sandals for the stall - these are gorgeous and use cotton yarn for cool feet!  Next up are two more pairs of socks, an aran pair and my stripey socks in a plain vanilla pattern.  Then there is one of my many novelty coffee cosies, and finally, the bath mats knit from t-shirt yarn.
In addition to these I finished the shawl and bag for the wedding.
This week has also seen progress on the socks, Vianne and a cowl.

The cowl is nine twenty two by Amy Miller - the yarn is reclaimed from a cardi I knit a year or so ago and unfortunately it wasn't the right yarn for the pattern.  But I have frogged it and now it will be a snuggly cowl and, probably socks.
Next week is the start of a new year, if you wish to join us, we are here.


  1. What a great year you have had, it's always wonderful looking back and seeing how much you have accomplished and I enjoyed being reminded of all your makes. Can't wait for the reveal of the wedding out fit next week and the new list.

  2. You've really knit up a storm in the last year, including multiple sweaters! Very impressive.

  3. Looks great Lucy! Job well done!

  4. I entirely agree with you about test-knitting - it stresses me out both for time pressures and for my own insecurities about my knitting. Add to that the fact that I like to mod patterns to suit myself, I guess test-knitting isn't really my thing.

    You have a ton of lovely FOs there! Can't wait to see what you do in the upcoming year!

  5. What a lot you accomplished-even while busy with littles under foot. You did some lovely work and I am looking forward to what year 5 brings your way.