Sunday 24 April 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 43

It's turned a little dull here this weekend.  This is a disclaimer because my photos are a bit dark as a result.  (I'm also still in my pj's but there we have it!!)
No FO's again this week, but I have made lots of progress on my WIP's.

My Arne and Carlos socks are nearly there.  I did the fish lips kiss heel and am making my way along the foot.  I love this heel - once I got through all the instructions it was easy and looks lovely on the needles.  I have tried them on and think they will fit great.  There is no pattern for these - just vanilla as the yarn does it for you.
The test knit is coming along nicely - I'm more than half way through and it is at the rolling up stage!
Peeping cowl is splendid!  I love how this is coming together and the colours are fabulous.  I still have a way to go but am really enjoying this.
I added a couple of rows on boxy but it doesn't look very different from before and I haven't done any more to the Donder and Blitzen hat.

OK so I know I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet and was satisfying the shopping urge (I don't indulge in anything else - yarn and yarn related objects are my only vice) with stitch markers and the like.  However, this week I "had" to get some west Yorkshire spinners in the birds colourways while I was buying some stitch markers!!
Oh I love them!!  And the stitch markers match which was a very happy coincidence.
Then I went completely crazy and bought Kate Davies book Yokes having seen some clips (like I need more sweater patterns!) and noticed that Knitting Goddess was having a sale to make room for lots more British yarn, so I bought a little of that.  I haven't received these yet so next week I will share them with you.

I am not currently participating in any KAL's as I am finishing the test knit, however ...
I am going to use the new Knitting Goddess wool in two sock KAL's - the no nylon KAL with Joeli Creates and a new techniques KAL (it's not called that) with The Grocery Girls podcast.  I will start these next weekend.
I also want to participate in a sewing a long with the Yarngasm podcast - I want to sew another Dominique and a couple of tops before the summer, so hopefully that will spur me along.

I think that is it - join us here.


  1. Love those socks and your new yarns look gorgeous

  2. Glad to hear you liked the fish kiss heel. I think the thick instruction 'book' is what has put me off from trying it. Your test knit is a gorgeous color and the new yarn...............yummy!

  3. Glad to hear you liked the fish kiss heel. I think the thick instruction 'book' is what has put me off from trying it. Your test knit is a gorgeous color and the new yarn...............yummy!

  4. Loving how the socks are coming along, like the yarn you are using. I think it's great to have a splurge now and again and I love admiring new purchases and the new possibilities.

  5. The socks are looking great! I've yet to try the fish kiss heel and I must get round to it and I love the new yarns that you've gotten, they look fantastic!

  6. Okay. let me just say I want to do everything you're working on and talking about! LOL! I love the peeping cowl and the A&C socks in that exact colorway and I was already planning on trying the fish lips kiss heel on my next pair of socks AND thank you for the "heads up" about upcoming KALS and books and yarns! Have a great week!

  7. Since you mentioned you were in your PJs, I can't help but wonder if you're wearing the same robe I own (probably not since mine was purchased at Kohl's in the states, but mine is blue with white polka dots. I love it, and I couldn't help but notice yours ;^) - and I love the line of little vehicles in the background. lol I seem to focus in on the most impertinent details...

    Your projects look great, too, Lucy. Looks like you'll soon have a bunch of finishes, one right after the other.

  8. Hi Lucy, it's nice to hear from you. I love all your projects. They are the colorful yarns that I love. I do have a skein of Arne and Carlos sock yarn, but right now I'm more into lace socks.